Salehoo and The Top Alternatives

What's the best Salehoo alternative on the market in 2017 – and is there indeed a real alternative to what has been the top selling wholesaler and dropshipper directory in the world since it was founded in 2005?

Salehoo is one of the most popular products on the Clickbank Marketplace, and the best selling directory of suppliers – but there are alternatives, some of them are cheaper and have many more products listed (from wholesalers and dropshippers) in their databases than Salehoo does.

What's Good About Salehoo?

The best thing is that all the suppliers are checked before being added to the Salehoo database – so there are no scams.  Other benefits are the low annual price of $67 per year and that there are about 8,000 supliers and more than a million products from wholesalers that you can search through online.

What's good about the alternatives?

Worldwide Brands is the top alternative to Salehoo, and they have a similar number of fully checked and screened suppliers – about 8,000.  However, Worldwide Brands list more than 15 million products on their site – many, many more than Salehoo ever has.

The other key advantage World Wide Brands has over Salehoo is that although it costs $299 –  much more than Salehoo's $67 price point – to join, that is for lifetime membership and there will be no additional fees to use Worldwide Brands, whereas Salehoo has a fee for every year that you are a member.

Both offer a similar money back guarantee though.