Tips To Make Your Foundation Last Longer In Summer

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It is time for the summer season and you want to prepare yourself for your annual holiday trip. You want your skin, hair and makeup to look great on this trip both in real life and pictures. To help you out, here are a few tips to make your foundation last longer in summer.

1. Use primer before foundation

This step must be an extremely essential part of your makeup routine, especially in the summers. Applying a primer before will help cover your pores and will also absorb the additional oil that your skin is pushing out. Furthermore, this basic step would also make your makeup last longer than usual.

2. Setting spray

If you are travelling, you must not forget to carry a setting spray. All you need to do is then sprint it over your face so that all your makeup stays in place for longer and there is no creasing.

3. Keep it light

You should opt for a light foundation in the summers. Heavier foundations may feel a lot on your skin in this time of the year and your makeup may seem to melt away with the heat. Try finding the right light foundation for your skin tone that also gives you good coverage. Furthermore, if you think that a light foundation may not cover your spots, use a concealer to get more even skin. Also try out mineral foundation makeup options to find what is best for you in summers.

Therefore, follow these tips and look beautiful in the summer. 

6 Makeup Tips To Emphasize Coloured Eyes

Eye makeup is one of the most important aspect of facial makeup. It is therefore imperative to ensure that your eye makeup goes hand in hand with your entire makeup.

All Depends On The Color

From your eyeliner, to mascara to eye shadows and concealor, literally everything depends on your eye color. The products that you use should complement your eyes and make them stand out.

Smooth Start

Uneven wrinkly eyes will never give you the desired results. So it is best to give your face a good wash, and apply a lotion to even out the surface. 


Eye Shadows

It is advisable to smudge eco makeup products, particularly when it comes to eye shadows. You should ideally apply eye shadows before applying mascara or eyeliner so that you do not smudge them. White shimmery eye shadow onto the inner corners of your eyes and smoothing it out suits on almost every eye color and face cut.

Darker On The Outer Sides

Darker shades of silver, grey or brown on the outer corners of your eyes will provide the perfect contrast and make your eyes be the center of attention.


You could opt for rounded or arch-shaped eyebrows depending on your face structure. Usually rounded eyebrows suit round faces.


Finally to complete the perfect look, you need to put on eyeliner steadily. You can make your eye color stand out more by applying a thin layer and stretching it to create a wing.        

By following these simple tips you can achieve the desired look!

Top Tips For Mineral Make-Up

Recently mineral make-up has become very popular among women. The main reason of its popularity is that it does not consist of any harmful chemicals or animal based products. Below are some tips to make mineral make-up last longer:

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1. Skin Care

To ensure that mineral makeup lasts for a longer time it is very important to have make-up that suits the skin type. Professional make-up artists recommend using an oil free toner, cleanser and moisturizer. As oil free products do not introduce more oil to your skin, hence it is less likely that the makeup will slide off.

2. Get Real SPF

Most mineral make-up has built-in sun protection but it is not enough to protect you from the harsh UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Try to use an oil free and professional quality sunblock all year round.

3. Use Primer

Make sure that you use a high quality primer before applying foundation; it will make your make-up last longer and will give a perfect base to your mineral makeup Australia.

4. Conceal

Use concealer on spots and blemishes in order to create flawless foundation. This will help you get a flawless look and the make-up will last longer.

5. Use a professional Kabuki brush

There are several kinds of make-up brushes available in the market but professional makeup artists recommend using good quality kabuki brushes. Having kabuki brushes will ensure perfection of makeup and the makeup will last longer as well.

These are a few tips for applying mineral makeup in such a way that it last for longer.